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ND Satcom
// Satellite Communication Networks //


Our expertise is used in military satellite communications networks which typically consist of an anchor station, mobile or transportable terminals, the network management system and appropriate customer service. The professionals at ND SatCom plan from the earliest stages of systems, through implementation and commissioning to logistic support.

The trust of customers is the basis of our success. Experience and a trustful cooperation with partners allow us to deliver end-to-end solutions based on a system mission approach, which maximizes the value and flexibility of your project be planned.

Our team of experienced engineers act as consultants to potential customers and help them make the right decision. Throughout the entire project, we work closely with the customer to meet all their requirements. Having already delivered a large number of satellite-based network solutions, ND SatCom has the necessary experience to realize such projects.

Solution Features

  • System integration for large, turnkey networks
  • Highest security and encryption levels
  • Unrivalled service reliability
  • Interoperability
  • Fully independent of terrestrial infrastructure
  • Mobile, transportable stations provide access to any location
  • Combination of all services - data, voice, video