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Product & solution
Interoperability system

Wide Area Interoperability System (WAIS)

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Raytheon’s wide area interoperability system allows users that operate on several different types and frequencies of legacy communications systems to communicate locally, regionally, or in systems that span entire states.

The WAIS software provides first responders with the means to connect their existing systems together to meet their operability and interoperability needs and avoid the otherwise costly and time-consuming task of purchasing new communications systems for an entire region or state.

From any point on a network, a WAIS software user may configure, control and monitor any interconnected, on-site interoperability systems.

WAIS Benefits/Features:

  • Allows disparate radio systems to be connected locally, regionally, statewide, or in a cross nation network
  • Authorized users may configure, control, and monitor unselected audio and communicate with any entity via selected audio
  • WAIS Controller software’s user-friendly, touch screen interface presents the state of the system and allows operators to promptly make and break connections
  • Built-in redundancy established via remote or shared control of communication interoperability
  • Provides a wide area interoperability communications platform for critical incident command and control that is easily scalable
  • Allows efficient use of existing network resources with commercial-off-the-shelf equipment and proven radio over IP and voice over IP technology
  • Provides remote access from any point on the network
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